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Edventure Services is a complete marketing and student recruitment service provider for education providers around the globe.  We have two major locations, in India and USA to cover these biggest markets.

India, one of the fastest growing cities in India. The total number of students we are covering in these regions is around one million. We differentiate ourselves from other marketing providers with our distinct and effective methods of marketing.

At Edventure services, integrity is our main focus; we want to make sure that the institutions we associate ourselves with provide students with quality education to help students achieve their career goals. We have expanded within state of Gujarat with three branches operating successfully. While we seek to grow we ensure our quality service is maintained. Each and every application from our branches goes through our head office to make sure a consistent approach is taken.

Our Mission

We also facilitate alliances between universities for a long-term exchange of students and further market the programs across various institutions. Our website generates a lot of traffic and provides wealth of information to the students and education providers.

Our Vision

Enable and enlighten individuals in the global environment

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